550,000 downloads and counting

Today we hit a nice milestone: 550,000 downloads of Magic App Factory software, 200,000 of which has come in the last 2.5 months. Also new today: Updates to SnapStill and Superburst. Both are primarily bug fix updates, but the SnapStill update adds some power-user features like disabling the snapping button (for those who like double-tap to snap) and hiding the top bar.

Snap photos from video with SnapStill 3—free for a limited time

If you haven’t upgraded to the all-new SnapStill 3 for iPhone and iPad, now’s the time to get it because it will be free for the next few days. Here’s a quick look at the big improvements over the original SnapStill:

  1. Photos are saved in Photos Library instead of maintaining a SnapStill-only library—no more needing to manually export each photo you snap
  2. Cleaner interface, better performance, and even more stable
  3. SnapStill suggests snaps, including highlighting faces it finds (but you still have frame-by-frame control)

In today’s AppsGoneFree on AppAdvice.com, Tyler Tschida said SnapStill is “remarkably easy to use,” which is exactly what we were trying to build: The easiest way to snap pixel-perfect photos from video. Hope you like it!

SuperSlo 1.0.3 coming soon

I’m putting the finishing touches on SuperSlo 1.0.3, which is primarily a bug fix update. 1.0.2 delivered a huge advance in stability—99.9% crash-free according to Crashlytics—but each of the crash reports I’ve seen for 1.0.2 (only 10 of them) were easy fixes. I’ll be submitting the update to Apple shortly, but it will probably take about a week or so to get approved and released.

I’m really looking forward to delivering SuperSlo 1.1—it’s going to have a phenomenal feature that will both improve video quality and encoding speed. I’ll guarantee right now that you’ll love it! Best guess right now: Sometime in August.


Big day for Reverser

Reverser was featured today in AppsGoneFree and as of last check ranked #9 in the U.S. iPad App Store Photos/Videos category and #25 in the iPhone App Store. I don’t know yet how many units that will translate to, but my guess is somewhere between 10-15,000 downloads. That’ll bring Magic App Factory closer to its 500,000th download, a milestone I hope we hit this month. In the meantime, there’s still a few hours left in the promotion, so if you want a free copy of Reverser, now’s the time! Update: Ended up just shy of 30,000 downloads, and went as high as #5 in the U.S. iPad store.

Updates: SnapStill 3.1.2 and Reverser 1.0.5

A couple of new updates: One for SnapStill, the other for Reverser. Both updates were a mix of bug fixes and feature improvements.

SnapStill can now save the original video GPS and date/time info into EXIF data for saved photos. and can also save GPS data when recording videos. You can configure the options in the main iOS settings app. Reverser now saves much smaller videos with better quality.

We’ve got a minor update to Superburst coming out shortly and an update to SuperSlo that will address most of the issues that we’ve seen in the first version.

New website!

With the launch of three entirely new apps, the release of the completely overhauled third-generation SnapStill, and a big update to Superburst Camera, we’ve outgrown our old website—so we decided to create new one.

For now at least, we’ll keep things simple: Links directly to our apps in the sidebar, and we’ll use the blog for the occasional post or announcement.


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