Over 700,000 (and counting)

Another day, another milestone for our little software company: We’ve now had more than 700,000 unique downloads of Magic App Factory software through the App Store (excluding updates and redownloads, of course—the number is more like 2 million if you were to include them as well).

Since July 1, our two most popular titles are SuperSlo and Reverser—between them, they’ve been downloaded nearly 200,000 times—but SnapStill and Superburst Camera don’t lag far behind. Supercut Video Toolbox is a different story—it’s a great app, but it’s a little more complicated to position it correctly in the App Store so that people can find it, but I have a feeling you’ll be hearing a lot more about that in the not-too-distant future.

600,000! (And an appearance in an App Store Top Ten list.)

Yesterday was another milestone of sorts: The 600,000th copy of Magic App Factory software was downloaded on the iOS App Store. Magic App Factory’s first download was 16 months ago in April, 2013 and half of them have now come in the past 3 months.

The app driving the latest round of downloads is SuperSlo, which went free a couple of days ago and on Saturday morning reached the #10 position in the Photo & Video category of the U.S. App Store.  My current plan is to return it to being a paid app starting on Monday at midnight, but that’s not written in stone, though if you haven’t downloaded it yet, you’ll have at least until then to get it free.

SuperSlo 1.0.3 update

Today we released a (mostly) minor update to SuperSlo—it removes the watermark as an in-app purchase option as we are currently offering SuperSlo as a paid app, delivers a bunch of small bug fixes and performance improvements, and also adds an experimental feature that is pretty exciting—lossless variable framerate export. For now, you can only enable that feature in the settings app, but if all goes well, it will be the default export mechanism. The advantage is that by losslessly exporting the video, the end result is better quality and much faster export times. The challenge has been with audio and speed changes—the resulting files play fine in certain apps, but not in the Photos Library. But 1.0.3 takes an approach to lossless encoding that should avoid that problem. If it works as expected, in 1.0.4 or 1.1, we’ll make it the default way to export videos.

550,000 downloads and counting

Today we hit a nice milestone: 550,000 downloads of Magic App Factory software, 200,000 of which has come in the last 2.5 months. Also new today: Updates to SnapStill and Superburst. Both are primarily bug fix updates, but the SnapStill update adds some power-user features like disabling the snapping button (for those who like double-tap to snap) and hiding the top bar.

Snap photos from video with SnapStill 3—free for a limited time

If you haven’t upgraded to the all-new SnapStill 3 for iPhone and iPad, now’s the time to get it because it will be free for the next few days. Here’s a quick look at the big improvements over the original SnapStill:

  1. Photos are saved in Photos Library instead of maintaining a SnapStill-only library—no more needing to manually export each photo you snap
  2. Cleaner interface, better performance, and even more stable
  3. SnapStill suggests snaps, including highlighting faces it finds (but you still have frame-by-frame control)

In today’s AppsGoneFree on AppAdvice.com, Tyler Tschida said SnapStill is “remarkably easy to use,” which is exactly what we were trying to build: The easiest way to snap pixel-perfect photos from video. Hope you like it!

SuperSlo 1.0.3 coming soon

I’m putting the finishing touches on SuperSlo 1.0.3, which is primarily a bug fix update. 1.0.2 delivered a huge advance in stability—99.9% crash-free according to Crashlytics—but each of the crash reports I’ve seen for 1.0.2 (only 10 of them) were easy fixes. I’ll be submitting the update to Apple shortly, but it will probably take about a week or so to get approved and released.

I’m really looking forward to delivering SuperSlo 1.1—it’s going to have a phenomenal feature that will both improve video quality and encoding speed. I’ll guarantee right now that you’ll love it! Best guess right now: Sometime in August.



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